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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Plastics... first consult

My first Plastics consult aka reconstructive surgery (even the doc called it that.. it's not considered cosmetic!) ... local surgeon.

First the burning questions... 
What would the doctor recommend, the plusses of using him and lastly I'll discuss the cost.

He recommended the following procedures for me:
  • Full abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck aka TT) which would include lipo, muscle repair, relocating the belly button as well as lipo in the mons which is the pubic area that tends to become rather pronounced ... like a little hill... post TT so they'd flatten it out some by removing some fat.
  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy) which would include implants (260cc) which post op would make me a solid full C cup. Not a deflated ...anywhere from B to D cup depending on the bra.
  • BodyTite Liposuction on my flanks. In lieu of a lower body lift which I frankly do not need, he suggested more what I could use is some lipo with laser tightening in my lower saddlebags/hips/back to smooth, tighten and shape that area. 
BodyTite on YouTube  

Plusses of using this doctor include...
  1. It's LOCAL, literally blocks from my home, in case something should be an issue. There's no flying anywhere to have this done in another city or country and then having to fly home and deal with post-op complications and care with local docs.
  2. He provides a pain pump. Sweet. Most surgeons I've looked at so far don't.
  3. NO drains. He doesn't use them because the pain pump would be made ineffective with them... and better, he hasn't needed them
  4. He suggests I would likely be back at work within the month at the latest... not up to 12 weeks like some people have had
  5. The actual surgery time is under 5 hours. He doesn't like having surgeries for longer than that as it starts to increase complication rates.
  6. He provides all the post-op dressings, post op care, touch ups within the first year

The costs... (all inclusive) 

Abdominoplasty $10,065.44
BodyTite Lipo $5084.80
Bilateral Breast Lift $7,095.20

Total for all 3 = $22,245.44 CDN

We can't afford that. I can't ask hubby to put that kind of money into something as selfish as this. My WLS was one thing... and besides, it was only $5k plus travel costs... AND I was able to recover 1/2 of it since it was out of country medical.... this is over 4x that, completely unrecoverable. I'm sad. Hubby is not against it and would let me do it because he knows it's what I want but, the guilt...