Went to see my doc on Wednesday for follow up after my last blood work. I'm teetering on anemia apparently. She said the range for women is 12-300 (quite the range IMO!) and my level was 17. She said that it can cause depression, anxiety and fatigue being low in iron so that might be my problem! So, now I'm on daily iron supplementation and I have to get re-tested for blood work in 3 months and she said she wants to see it above 50 by then. I've never had iron supplements before, I hope they don't make me constipated MORE. I have enough trouble with the bathroom since my surgery!

Also, she said she didn't want me losing any more weight. She thinks my weight is fine where it is. I think I can do another 10-15 lbs and still be healthy so we'll see. I told her that I feel pretty good, other than fatigue mostly. My anxiety is up and down depending on stress. I don't handle stress well and find myself easily overwhelmed. She wants me to really focus on getting my exercise in which will also help with all of the mood and fatigue too. I know I need to exercise, and actually I have a trainer that called me so I will get going on that too.