I reached my ultimate goal weight this morning!

135 lbs!
10.5 months since surgery and I'm so much healthier.

The small things I notice... NSV's!

I can see through the space between my thighs standing normally!
My visible collarbones are a permanent fixture.
I can RUN! Even with asthma, I can run and not get light headed or out of breath!
My knees don't click anymore!
My lower back doesn't bother me anymore!
I couldn't care less about the scale these days. I jumped on this morning purely out of curiousity
Hubby can now wrap one arm all the way around my body
I now search for Size Small (sometimes Medium) and/or Sizes 4-6 and not 18/20 or XL/1X
I haven't been on anti-depressants in nearly a year (although I nearly went on them again back in nov/dec, I'm feeling alot better now)
I feel STRONGER. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.
I feel empowered.

I CAN do this and I am so excited for everyone in their own journey to see that regardless of how we get there, we all have the same goal at heart. Our health!

I'm so so so happy