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Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss tool in which the stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size, by surgical removal of a large portion of the stomach, following the major curve. The open edges are then attached together (often with surgical staples, glue and possibly cauterization) to form a sleeve or tube with a banana shape. The procedure permanently reduces the size of the stomach and is performed laparoscopically and is not reversible.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first stall

It was inevitable really.  I'm not terribly concerned about it although I sure would like to see the scale moving again.  I didn't lose anything for 2 days, this morning I'm down a half pound.  I haven't been counting halfs though, only full pounds, so it doesn't feel like a victory to me.  I'm going to keep trying to get my water and protein in and not sweat it at all.  It's not really a stall per se as really only stalls are more than 2 weeks normally but in the world of VSG, especially this early on, its a mini stall starting.

Once I'm feeling up to exercising, its going to be a whole new ball game baby.

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