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Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss tool in which the stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size, by surgical removal of a large portion of the stomach, following the major curve. The open edges are then attached together (often with surgical staples, glue and possibly cauterization) to form a sleeve or tube with a banana shape. The procedure permanently reduces the size of the stomach and is performed laparoscopically and is not reversible.


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Friday, April 29, 2011

2 days out

I am not gonna lie.  It hurts.  There's been pain and a fair bit of it.  The gas pain is horrible and took a good 24-36 hours to clear up.  Feeling alot better today than last night.  I can now fall asleep at the drop of a hat..anywhere.  They're not too free with the pain meds it seems.  And what they do give is not very strong.  Granted, I can't take morphine so that may be why I'm hurting so much.  The drain they put in is very uncomfortable and is frankly a PITA.

Had the leak test today.  That was just so much fun.  They make you drink this nasty purple water that turns your whole mouth dark purple and then when you get to the radiologist, you get to drink even more foul tasting stuff while they xray your newly created stomach so that they can check to make sure you have no leaks.  Its absolutely disgusting.  I puked on the floor.  LOL.  but good news, no leak! Yay!

Freezies are the best invention ever.  If anyone reading this blog is getting this surgery, get as many freezies as they will give you.  Freezies make me happy.  :)

Its been a rough few days.  I have MAYBE ingested 1 cup of water in 2 days.  Its good that you get the IV the first day because I would be super dehydrated otherwise.  I'm trying to get my water/juice into me but its hard.  It hurts if you drink too fast and you either retch or burp.  So drinking liquids has been slow going that's why the freezies are so awesome.  They're easy to get down, taste good, give you a little bit of calories and liquids.

Staying at the hotel definitely has its advantages and disadvantages.  We get the quiet and peace to ourselves.  We have our own schedule.  But... there's no nurse checking on us like they have at the recovery house, there's no meds.   Its a PITA to get meds because they have to pick you up at the hotel, bring you to the hospital for the meds.  We at the hotel are definitely not getting the same level of aftercare that those in the house are, that's for damn sure.

I'm sucking back my isopure protein drink as best I can today.  My goal is to get the whole thing down ( a whole 237 ml) before bed :)

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