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Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss tool in which the stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size, by surgical removal of a large portion of the stomach, following the major curve. The open edges are then attached together (often with surgical staples, glue and possibly cauterization) to form a sleeve or tube with a banana shape. The procedure permanently reduces the size of the stomach and is performed laparoscopically and is not reversible.


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Thursday, June 9, 2011

things and thoughts

My monthly visitor hasn't been too awful at all.  I actually forgot to change my Divacup this morning before work and managed a clean spill free change in the ladies room stall.  It seems that my flow is lighter.  Not sure if that's from the surgery or just lucky for me *this* month but I'll take it.  I'm definitely going to monitor it for next month and see if its the same.  Cramps haven't been too bad this month either. Hubby checked the scale for me yesterday because there's no way in hell I want to weigh myself when I feel like a manatee.... he compared it to the pre-period number and apparently I only gained 1 lb this month.  This is major.  I usually gain 5-8 lbs in bloat and feel super gross.  This month I honestly don't.

Weird how things change post-op.  I have a bag of chips (twists) and a dark chocolate (90%) bar in my desk.  I have zero interest in eating either of them. They've been there for a couple of weeks now. Pre-op, they wouldn't have made it INTO my desk at all.  They would have been scarfed pretty quickly right after I got them.

I've graduated back to coffee now post-op.  I can only get in about a 1/3 of a cup before I'm jittery.  I don't even fill my mug up half way.  People look at me strange and ask if the decanter is empty.... nope!  I just don't want that much coffee!  Pre-op, I was ADDICTED to the Sugar Free Rockstar Energy drinks.  I had 1 every single morning on my commute to work.  I haven't had one sincea few days before surgery.  I don't even crave it. 

I'd say the loss of food/sweets/etc craving is probably the biggest overall thing I've noticed.  I mean of course I know that I can only eat a few tablespoons of food now but really... its the cravings that have me surprised.  That there aren't any.  Even alcohol.  Pre-op, my liver was well exercised.  Now, while I'd *like* a glass of wine here and there, I have really no interest in bothering with the possible weight gain/dehydration/quick effects... so I don't.

Last night we went to a going away party for my personal trainer.  She's off to Alaska to run a gym up there.  She's been kicking my ass for 2 years and I'll miss her as we became friends even through those grueling 1 hour sessions 3x/wk.  They had all sorts of food, alcohol and the like at the party.  As I hadn't had dinner yet, I had 3 thinly sliced pieces of smoked salmon, 1/2 pc cheese, 1 multi grain cracker, 1/2 pickled string bean and about 6 nuts.  I was stuffed.  I was pleased with myself for my good food choices.  While I would have totally been all over the BBQ later that appeared, (hotdogs, bbq salmon and chicken) I honestly didn't want it because I was satisfied with my meal and feeling good.  Everyone else around me was eating and drinking it up and I was absolutely fine to sit there and just enjoy the company of the people instead of hovering over the food table grazing all night.  What a change!


  1. So nice to hear about these sorts of changes! I can't wait to have my surgery (still no date) but I love the idea of cravings being behind me!!

  2. It's such a foreign feeling Kami! I honestly am never hungry. Sometimes I get a weird hollow feeling but I literally have to remind myself to eat or I wouldn't because I never feel hungry! My head hunger is a whole other ball of wax...that part can be distracting sometimes

  3. That is great to hear about the cravings being gone. I do so awesome at weight loss on drugs that control my appetite. Making good choices is easy for me when my mind is not on food 24/7 and I can lose weight quickly....but every single med I've ever tried has caused something I can't live with long term. Meridia caused high blood pressure so my doctor took me off. Topamax caused bladder issues. Ugh! So once I go off the drugs maintaining the weight loss is difficult enough but losing more is only possible if I become totally obsessive about each and every bite and work out 2 hours a day. I don't understand it!!